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What is Bricks Protocol?

Our Decentralized No-Loss Trading Protocol deploys a multipronged approach to enable the users in getting real crypto trading experience without involving any risk.

No-Loss Tournaments

Users are able to withdraw their initial entry fees at the end of the tournaments even if they had made losses in virtual trading.

Interactive Trading

Gamification through Crypto Trading Tournaments will align the user behaviour with that present in the actual trading ecosystem.

Rewarding Users

The Initial Pool Amount (IPA) of Trading Tournaments is locked into Aave where it earns yield for the duration of the tournament. This Yield is used to reward the users according to their profits in virtual trading.

Learn More About Us

Here's How it Works?

1. The Tournament is Created

The Tournament Host will create a Trading Tournament and can optionally put in an Initial Contribution which will improve the user incentives as the earned Yield is used to reward the profit earners in the tournament.

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